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Parenting Coaching

What happens when custody battles get ugly? If you are a divorcing parent, very possibly the first thing your child will worry about is, “What’s going to happen to me?” “Is this my fault?”

Learning new strategies to deal with custody negotiations and parenting relationships will have a positive impact on your own happiness, health and well-being—as well as that of your children, your spouse, your loved ones and friends.

The issue of custody, even when approached in a thoughtful and caring manner, can cause pain, anger, insecurity and even panic to all involved. Family courts address the custody issue by asking, “What is best for the children?” No one really knows these answers better than the parents.

A realistic custody plan requires a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of the custody process—as well as developmental aspects of children and your family dynamics. Engaging an expert consultant as a custody coach can provide expertise, information and guidance to insure that you can take charge of your future. Learning about court procedures and setting realistic goals and expectations can guide you in moving from the role of spouse to that of co-parent.

No one can make divorce or custody negotiations a painless or simple process. An experienced custody coach, however, can listen carefully to your concerns and help you to channel your uncertainty into productive energy as a parent.

Roberta Eisen, LPC, NCC can help you create a realistic plan—one that allows you and your former spouse to co-parent in a way that is in the best interest of your children—as well as yourselves