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Family Mediation

If you are a divorcing couple or your family is in transition, sitting down with a mediator could be a good option for you. Mediation can help you retain maximum control over decisions concerning your future and the future of your children. The core of mediation is a commitment to resolve your issues with mutual respect and to create a joint agreement that is both equitable and ultimately enforceable.

The benefits of using mediation to achieve your family goals are worth considering to both you as a parent and to your children:

  • Your proceedings are confidential. All issues and conversations that are within the confines of the mediation discussions are private, with only the exception of abuse or neglect “duty to report.”
  • You save time and money. Judges’ calendars are often filled for months in advance and delays and postponements are common. Mediation allows you to schedule your sessions at your own pace and costs are generally much less than litigation.
  • Your agreement is tailored to your needs. Family courts can apply formulas to issues such as child custody and support. In mediation, you and your spouse can negotiate your own terms and then agree on the enforcement.
  • Your chances of successful outcomes are better. When you can negotiate your own decisions, they are generally better decisions. You are more in control of your future and your level of satisfaction is much higher.
  • Your children are happier. When they see their parents working together to resolve difficult problems, children see a concrete example of how critical issues can be solved constructively. They are more likely to apply this approach as a template to their own future relationships.
Family mediation gives both parents a sense of empowerment and control in their outcome. By mediating a thoughtful and child-oriented parenting plan with clear obligations and responsibilities; you lessen the possibility of parents arguing back and forth over unclear issues.

Categories that may be related to the access schedule, or clarification of child support in terms of what is appropriate, what it covers and what it does not include can be written with clear expectations and goals that work for both parents. Mediation can also provide a mechanism for resolving future differences that might arise.